System upgrades next week

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jul 5 10:54:04 PDT 2018

We will be throwing a 2TB SSD into Crater and another 2TB into Leaf next
week, plus Monster will be getting a 512GB SSD swap drive to add to
swapcache.  Downtime should be minimal, a few minutes if I do the job
properly :-)

Crater is getting an upgrade so it can accommodate a local chromium repo,
plus its tracking /archive of other projects that developers can access
from leaf will be moved from its HDD to the new SSD.  This will make
accessing the archives more convenient and give us a little more headroom
on free-space management.

All of leaf's 3 drives will be consolidated onto a single 2TB SSD.  So both
people's home dirs and their build dirs will move from the existing HDDs
onto a much, much faster SSD.

Monster is being used for our global grok (, on a
single 4TB drive, but index searches are blasted slow due to the combined
load.  128G of swapcache is insufficient so we'll be adding another 500GB
of SSD, giving us ~600GB of swapcache to help cache the index and improve

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