mirror-copy not working

Konrad konrad at mailathome.or.at
Wed Jan 24 08:27:55 PST 2018

Hello Michael, 

thank you for your response. 

> Do both systems run recent versions of DragonFly? We had a change back
> in 2010 [1] that would fail between two 64-bit machines. But I strongly
> doubt this is the reason. Well then maybe your network is unreliable? 

They’re both on 5-RELEASE, in different detail stages. (The exact stages where in my first e-mail). 

> Another thing you could test is to do a fresh mirror-copy, i.e.
>  hammer mirror-copy /pfs/hg remotemachine@/pfs/new-hg

This didn’t work so well: 

| zoii# hammer mirror-copy /pfs/hg root at
| PFS slave /pfs/hg-new does not exist.
| Do you want to create a new slave PFS? [y/n] No terminal for response
| hammer: Aborting operation
| hammer: validate_mrec_header: short read

Also, I’m rather confident it’s not our network. All other traffic there works just fine. 

I’m somewhat sceptical of the receiving end being able to do md5 checksums — there was an issue on updating packages that also threw out a lot of checksum issues with files. 


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