Ravenports: How to Get Started?

Aaron LI aaronly.me at outlook.com
Thu May 11 07:22:23 PDT 2017

Hi John Marino, and DFlyers,

I knew Ravenports [0] sometime ago, and noticed that it just did a 
initial release.

Recently I had problems with the D/Ports framework w.r.t. multiple 
Python versions (3.x vs. 2.7).  Also suggested by John, I decided 
to try Ravenports a bit.

However, after cloned the Ravenports repo down, I just got lost... 
Ravenports currently has ~170 ports, but I have no idea how to 
build and install one of them.  There is no obvious entry-Makefile 
to begin with, and there is no docs for users at the moment...

Also, I knew there is a administration tool for Ravenports, called 
ravenadm [1].
But there doesn't provide any further information.

So, how to get started with Ravenports?  Thanks very much!

[0] Ravenports : https://github.com/jrmarino/Ravenports
[1] ravenadm : https://github.com/jrmarino/ravenadm


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