Kamil Rytarowski n54 at gmx.com
Mon May 1 19:29:17 PDT 2017


I work on LLDB in NetBSD. My reports should be known to readers of this
mailing lists as they were linked on the dragonflybsd digest at least
few times. They are posted on blog.netbsd.org

There is already code for other BSDs in LLDB, but there is still missing
DragonFly. I plan to volunteer some spare time next month.. however
there is a task to add required interfaces in ptrace(2) by core developers.

I presume that DragonFly should sync them up with FreeBSD, as these two
systems are closely related. There is of course an option to go the
NetBSD route as well.

A while ago, I prepared slides about NetBSD additions in this API:


What interfaces are needed/useful in particular? The ones that I added
in NetBSD and were listed in the slides, including the ones I added

I will be back to you next month.

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