John Marino dragonflybsd at
Wed Jun 28 13:43:18 PDT 2017

On 6/28/2017 15:37, Dr. Jochen Raßler wrote:
> As I mentioned, I only built them and didn't yet test.
> What I need is gradle and openjfxdevel, which aren't available to DF
> currently.
> As I looked around to find the reason, I found the site how to port
> software to DF ( and
> looked further to find this site:
> and for both gradle and openjfx missing compat9x is the reason for not
> being ported to DF - as far as I understood. I found no information
> about what's wrong with compat9x and asked a few days ago in another
> mail, which had a different topic (32 bit compat libs) and got no answer
> to that specific question.
> So I started building... but had no time for further investigation yet,
> so I didn't test with gradle...
> It would be great to get some information about the status of why gradle
> and openjfxdevel aren't ported to DF and why the automatic build process
> is skipped (or ignored?) for both packages.
> I would appreciate it, if you gave me some hints!
> cheers,
> Jochen

The normal reason for requiring compatX is that the port is delivering a 
pre-built binary.

For example, a vendor doesn't release the sources, but it builds the 
product itself.  The port is simply downloading the binary and putting 
it in place.  Since the vendor typically doesn't provide one binary per 
FreeBSD release, compat libraries are needed to satisfy the real-time 

So binary installers are not real ports.  And you can't run a freebsd 
binary on DragonFly.  I haven't looked at these ports, but if compat 
libraries are a requirement, I expect they are impossible to port. The 
vendor would have to provide DF binaries which is unlikely, especially 
since we don't utility compat libraries in DF.


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