Xserver 1.19 question about poll and Unix domain sockets

David Shao davshao at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 22:21:53 PST 2016

Xorg's xserver has been updated to xserver 1.19.  One change was to
switch from using select(2) to using either epoll on Linux or poll(2)
for other OSes.  There is an out-of-tree patchset for FreeBSD and
DragonFly adding support for devd that is impacted by this change.

Making the obvious changes to this patchset to a version of pkgsrc
hacked to use this patchset, I find /var/log/Xorg.0.log ends at the

input-thread: InputThreadDoWork waiting for devices

I am wondering if the Unix domain sockets used for the devd patchset
can be passed as
descriptors to the new poll code for xserver 1.19 found in file
os/ospoll.c, or if not, whether
when Keith Packard asked, additional code needed to be submitted for a
kqueue option.

Of course the ideal situation would be I am just being an incompetent
idiot and someone already has xserver 1.19 running fine with current
DragonFly master.

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