wireshark builds on pkgbox64, how?

jungle Boogie jungleboogie0 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 16:53:28 PDT 2016

On 7 July 2016 at 16:42, John Marino <dragonflybsd at marino.st> wrote:
> B) The version of wireshark in Dports is 2.0.4, so why the need to build it
> from vendor sources?
> http://gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/dports.git/blob/HEAD:/net/wireshark/Makefile

Oh, wow. I didn't know there was a more recent version as I was
looking at http://pkgbox64.dragonflybsd.org/bulk/Release44-default/latest-per-pkg/
with a date stamp of 21st of June.

Now what config do I need to edit to pickup the latest wireshark?
pkg search wireshark
wireshark-2.0.3                Powerful network analyzer/capture tool
wireshark-lite-2.0.3           Powerful network analyzer/capture tool
(lite package)
wireshark-qt5-2.0.3            Powerful network analyzer/capture tool
(QT package)

I see /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/df-latest.conf but which file do I
direct to use that conf?

Do I add the contents of df-latest to /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf?


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