boot0 and hybrid MBR

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Sat Sep 26 23:55:29 PDT 2015

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for your fast answer. It used to be possible, and it used to be the
only possible way to install Linux on a Mac before it had EFI support. The
kernel correctly sees the gpt slices. And boot0 should just hand over the
job to the next step, so my understanding is that it should just know where
to find the slice on disk.

As far as I understand, support for Haswell and Bay Trail is currently
being worked on in FreeBSD.

Thanks again


On Sunday, September 27, 2015, Lucy H <wardh6973 at> wrote:
> Sorry about the accidental spam, if I sent the reply twice, everyone!
> On Sep 26, 2015 7:19 PM, "Valerio Mariani" <valerio.mariani at>
>> Dear All,
>>  first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Valerio, I work as a
software developer (mainly C and python) in a scientific institution and I
live in Germany. I have been a Linux user for around 10 years and I am
currently exploring the BSD world. I am not one of the systemd "refugees",
I actually love systemd. I have just become curious about the BSD world,
especially concerning the engineering of the system and the quality of the
documentation. I then decided to try a BSD out.
>> Since the only laptop where I can test BSD has a Bay Trail CPU, pretty
much my only choice was DragonflyBSD (due to the GPU support). I then
decided to start with it.
>> However, I had a problem. I could only install DragonflyBSD on a laptop
with a gpt formatted drive, and other OSes on it, that I cannot remove...
>> So I thought that the best choice was to use a Hybrid MBR partition
table, where I exposed to the MS DOS partition table only the slice used by
>> I then managed to install the system using the default installer. I
manually created the subpartitions, mounted manually boot and root
(skipping those very steps in the installer) and went on with the rest.
>> My problem is now the bootloader, which refuses to boot and beeps
immediately to indicate an error. It then beeps at every keys that I press
>> I read some material about boot0, but I have a few questions:
>> - Do Hybrid MBRs need some special setup for boot0?
>> -Is there a way to know what is causing boot0 to fail?
>> My main goal is to learn to use some BSDs, so feel free to elaborate on
the technicalities if you can help me.
>> Thank ypu
>> Valerio
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