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> Dear All,
>  first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Valerio, I work as a
> software developer (mainly C and python) in a scientific institution and I
> live in Germany. I have been a Linux user for around 10 years and I am
> currently exploring the BSD world. I am not one of the systemd "refugees",
> I actually love systemd. I have just become curious about the BSD world,
> especially concerning the engineering of the system and the quality of the
> documentation. I then decided to try a BSD out.
> Since the only laptop where I can test BSD has a Bay Trail CPU, pretty
> much my only choice was DragonflyBSD (due to the GPU support). I then
> decided to start with it.
> However, I had a problem. I could only install DragonflyBSD on a laptop
> with a gpt formatted drive, and other OSes on it, that I cannot remove...
> So I thought that the best choice was to use a Hybrid MBR partition table,
> where I exposed to the MS DOS partition table only the slice used by
> DragonflyBSD.
> I then managed to install the system using the default installer. I
> manually created the subpartitions, mounted manually boot and root
> (skipping those very steps in the installer) and went on with the rest.
> My problem is now the bootloader, which refuses to boot and beeps
> immediately to indicate an error. It then beeps at every keys that I press
> I read some material about boot0, but I have a few questions:
> - Do Hybrid MBRs need some special setup for boot0?
> -Is there a way to know what is causing boot0 to fail?
> My main goal is to learn to use some BSDs, so feel free to elaborate on
> the technicalities if you can help me.
> Thank ypu
> Valerio
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