HAMMER History

PeerCorps Trust Fund ipc at peercorpstrust.org
Fri May 15 23:50:43 PDT 2015


This might be a repeat question and perhaps even intuitively understood by everyone else, but I figured I would ask for clarity rather than remain in the dark.

If we have a set of files that for whatever reason became corrupted on disk (bit rot for instance), this would be recorded as a CRC change on a HAMMER file system via HAMMER history. Thus, history being intact, it would be possible to revert back to uncorrupted versions of those files via HAMMER undo - entire directories for instance.

What is often mentioned in texts about HAMMER undo however, seems to revolve around user error and file loss, such as accidental deletions or a broken config file. But if the above example is also a scenario, can it be also said that HAMMER has "data-healing" capabilities similar to ZFS's "self-healing"?


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