DragonFly for a small-sized cluster ?

Dmitriy Tochansky tochansky at tochlab.net
Tue Mar 31 23:43:27 PDT 2015


d.hromada at udk-berlin.de писал 31-03-2015 12:47:
> "The ultimate goal of the DragonFly project at its inception was to
> provide native clustering support in the kernel"
> Unfortunately, neither documentation nor this mailing lists are not 
> very
> informative about whether the ultimate goal was already attained by 
> the
> developers and if yes, whether it could be attained by a complete
> DragonFly-agnostic BFU like me.
> I would thus be very grateful for any kind of link or text which 
> could
> help me to answer the question how should I proceed in order to get 
> closer
> to the "ultimate goal" ?
Some time ago I asked the same question. Unfortunately, the answer was 
that its not primary and ultimate goal anymore.


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