DragonFly for a small-sized cluster ?

d.hromada at udk-berlin.de d.hromada at udk-berlin.de
Tue Mar 31 02:47:15 PDT 2015

Hello world,

I'm currently evaluating diverse options for deployment of small (i.e.
less than 10 independent machines with less than 50 computational cores),
Beowulf-like clusters at the faculty where I work.

( luckily, the institution I work for does not store any critical data so
I am quite free to experiment )

Given that majority of machines here run on FreeBSD, I would prefer a BSD
and not Linux solution, thus I found DF main site which states that:

"The ultimate goal of the DragonFly project at its inception was to
provide native clustering support in the kernel"

Unfortunately, neither documentation nor this mailing lists are not very
informative about whether the ultimate goal was already attained by the
developers and if yes, whether it could be attained by a complete
DragonFly-agnostic BFU like me.

I would thus be very grateful for any kind of link or text which could
help me to answer the question how should I proceed in order to get closer
to the "ultimate goal" ?

Yours cordially

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