[ANN] Rust for DragonFly

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Thu Jan 29 04:10:33 PST 2015

Am 29.01.2015 um 11:03 schrieb Michael Neumann:
> Hi,
> I am happy to announce that it's now possible to build the most recent
> "nightly" Rust [1] compiler without much hassle. I've written a build.sh
> [2] script that downloads all required files and patches and given that
> you have gmake and python installed, will build Rust for you. It depends
> on a binary compiler snapshot that is downloaded from my page, which is
> used to boostrap the "nightly" Rust compiler you are going to build.
> If you want to build this binary snapshot compiler youself, feel free to
> ask me, all required code is in my git repo here [3]. But it requires
> Linux and consists of several steps, not considered easy.
> I've a ports in the works. I am just not sure if it's worth waiting the
> time till 1.0.0 arrives or if a rust-devel or rust-nightly port is
> wanted by someone.

The port files are here [1]. I am testing it in these moments :)




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