[ANN] Rust for DragonFly

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Thu Jan 29 02:03:44 PST 2015


I am happy to announce that it's now possible to build the most recent
"nightly" Rust [1] compiler without much hassle. I've written a build.sh
[2] script that downloads all required files and patches and given that
you have gmake and python installed, will build Rust for you. It depends
on a binary compiler snapshot that is downloaded from my page, which is
used to boostrap the "nightly" Rust compiler you are going to build.

If you want to build this binary snapshot compiler youself, feel free to
ask me, all required code is in my git repo here [3]. But it requires
Linux and consists of several steps, not considered easy.

I've a ports in the works. I am just not sure if it's worth waiting the
time till 1.0.0 arrives or if a rust-devel or rust-nightly port is
wanted by someone.

Happy Rust hacking! :)



[1]: http://www.rust-lang.org/

[3]: https://github.com/mneumann/rust-cross-dragonfly

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