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> Matthias Play wrote:
> > Hi Mehmet,
> >
> > thanks for your quick reply and suggestions!
> >
> > I would prefer to also always have a 1:1 copy of the OS part, because I
> > also want to avoid exactly what you described i.e., do an extra install
> > and configuration.
> >
> > It would maybe be sufficient to only do a cpdup from time to time to
> > keep the OS copy up to date. I think this could be a good compromise.
> >
> > Regards
> > Matthias
> Well the "correct" way to build the NAS would be to install DF on two
> embedded SSDs and have data on regular HDDs as Mehmet suggested. One
> would want to have RAID 1 on those two embedded SSDs or two have HAMMER
> mirror stream. Unfortunately AFAIK current installer supports neither.
> On the top of it HAMMER slave drive is read only so it would take human
> intervention to have a "graceful" failover in the case one HDD dies.
> My understanding that HAMMER2 will not have that problem as the slave
> will be writable.
> Yes DF could be molded into wonderful NAS product with little bit of
> corporate backing :)
> Cheers,
> Predrag

The installer is not very much a problem :

First install operating system on a disk or some more ( dd may be used ) as
kept spare .
After installation of the operating system , attach ( other ) disks for
data storage and make a file system on them .

Advantage of separation of operating system from data disks is defined in
my first message :
In that way any operating system change will not affect data disks .

Installation of a new version of operating system on existing data disks
requires save and restore of existing data ( or install on another computer
and copy existing data ) . When size of data is large , such an operation
may require days .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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