NAS setup recommendations

Predrag Punosevac punosevac72 at
Wed Jan 21 18:45:04 PST 2015

Matthias Play wrote:
> Hi Mehmet,
> thanks for your quick reply and suggestions!
> I would prefer to also always have a 1:1 copy of the OS part, because I 
> also want to avoid exactly what you described i.e., do an extra install 
> and configuration.
> It would maybe be sufficient to only do a cpdup from time to time to 
> keep the OS copy up to date. I think this could be a good compromise.
> Regards
> Matthias

Well the "correct" way to build the NAS would be to install DF on two
embedded SSDs and have data on regular HDDs as Mehmet suggested. One
would want to have RAID 1 on those two embedded SSDs or two have HAMMER
mirror stream. Unfortunately AFAIK current installer supports neither.
On the top of it HAMMER slave drive is read only so it would take human
intervention to have a "graceful" failover in the case one HDD dies. 
My understanding that HAMMER2 will not have that problem as the slave
will be writable. 

Yes DF could be molded into wonderful NAS product with little bit of
corporate backing :)


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