da8: reading primary partition table: error accessing offset when installing from USB to SSD on Thinkpad X220

Ward H wardh6973 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 17:30:18 PST 2015

Heh. Yeah, it was a lot of text. Blame it on my background;  that's where I
got the habit.

So is installing in Legacy only okay? I'm just thinking in terms of FreeBSD
and their aggressive move towards UEFI in 10.1- though even in that regard
the Handbook says to use Legacy only. X220s are kinda screwy with UEFI
anyway, it seems.

Also, GPT or MBR? I only vaguely understand anything UEFI-related, and
actually bought the X220 to try to avoid any UEFI funny business for a few
years. I may have made it more difficult on myself than I intended.

I'll try the other ports tomorrow.  I have this funny feeling that it will
give the same result, but it is certainly worth a try.

And last three questions, for once I get this working:

- Do I need to take any special steps for an intel series 530 SSD during
- Should I go with HAMMER or UFS? Or, in other words, is HAMMER too "big"
for 256 MB?
- For using this laptop as a developer's workstation to self-teach about a
broad range of topics, some of which include shell scripting, programming
languages (especially Common Lisp, Python,  C and maybe Perl), setting up
and maintaining databases, networking via qemu virtualized OS instances,
and others, is it a good idea to stay with the defaults, or should I mess
with partition sizes?  I'm also thinking about separation of privilege in a
physical sense as well as the time and space it will take to do a

I don't have any storage set up yet. I'm just thinking about the future.

Thanks for your help!

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