polkit does not start

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sun Jan 11 23:55:09 PST 2015

On Fri, 09 Jan 2015 15:14:40 +0100, karu.pruun <karu.pruun at gmail.com>  

> I compiled polkit and glib with gdb symbols but it seems I might need
> more symbols in perhaps other libraries? In any case, so far the call
> to sendto() seems to occur in a piece of code that I can't step in.

Likely, libc, at least. Our world is not compiled with debug symbols by  
default. You can easily do so by putting DEBUG_FLAGS=-g in your  
/etc/make.conf and rebuild/install world. It will increase disk space used  
and I guess build time too. I do it on all my boxes.


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