Prognosis for damaged HAMMER file system?

Vasily Postnicov shamaz.mazum at
Sat Jan 31 03:57:09 PST 2015


I have a possibly damaged HAMMER fs. Look at output of hammer checkmap

ressurected# hammer -f
Volume header   records=0 next_tid=0000000279fe6800
Collecting allocation info from B-Tree: B    NODE 80000005221c3000 cnt=32
p=c000000522191000 type=L depth=4 mirror 0000000278289c40 {

I think this was caused by damaged hardware (overheated CPU).

I do not see any lost/inconsistent data yet, only hammer mirror-read
command fails with one of PFSes:

ressurected# hammer mirror-read /home/shared > /dev/zero
Prescan to break up bulk transfer
Mirror-read /home/shared failed: Numerical argument out of domain

Can I lose data if I continue to use this fs? May it be cured (e.g. by
copying data from /home/shared to newly created PFS and then destroying the
old one)?

                  With best regards, Vasily.
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