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*Sorry, press wrong key, and sent out before I finish it :(e.g.*

*fwd ip1:port1[,ip2:port2,ip3:port3]              this will just forward to
one of the dst IP and port randomly.*

*fwd ip1:port1[,ip2:port2,ip3:port3] round-robin          round-robin, just

*fwd ip1:port1[,ip2:port2,ip3:port3] sticky                  caculate
according to the src ip*
*2, dont make any changes to the fwd/nat, just enhance the line 100 in my
example , (in previous email)*

*100   tag 1 prob 50%*

*prob means probability.  so using the same method and just provide 2
filter like prob.*


*100 tag round-robin 4        means it will   tag to 1,2,3,4 in round-robin

*100 tag sticky 4               this will tag the traffic to "device the
source ip by the 4" *

*Which is better? what do you think?*

*Personally I prefer the first one.*

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