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*In PF, the 'route-to' and 'rdr-to' support 'round-robin' and 'sticky'. so
PF can be used as a load balancer nicely.*

*In IPFW, 'forward' and 'nat' can do the traffic redirection, but it only
accept 1 destination. in order to do the load-balancing, some rules are
needed before the 'forward/nat' which can split the traffic.*


*100   tag 1 prob 50%*

*200   skipto 1000 when tagged 1*

*300   tag 2*

*1000  forward to IP1 when tagged 1*

*1100  forward to IP2 when tagged 2*

*It can work as a "random" load-balancer (prob is randon), but cannot
acheve the "round-robin" and "sticky". *

*so I was thinking about how to introduce the feature, and below 2 can
acheve that, but not confident about which looks nicer.*

*1. fwd and nat support multiple destinations,*


*fwd ip1:port1[,ip2:port2,ip3:port3] *

*fwd ip1:port1[,ip2:port2,ip3:port3] round-robin*

*fwd ip1:port1[,ip2:port2,ip3:port3] round-robin*
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