Lost Legacy Boot on Chromebook C720

Curtis B curtisjbrandt at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 17:56:43 PST 2015

Hi all,

After moving I dusted off my Acer C720 to play with DragonFly again.
However, when greeted with the white splash screen my normal routine of
pressing Ctrl+L only produced two beeps.

After some research, it sounds like letting the battery die on these
chromebooks disables legacy boot. I can verify this by pressing the Tab key
and seeing `dev_boot_legacy: 0` from console output behind the splash

I found this blog post which describes booting into ChromeOS and accessing
a TTY to reenable booting:

...but it sounds like the author setup his/her installation to exist with
ChromeOS. I get to a different splash screen after pressing Ctrl+D which
includes complaints of Chrome OS missing. I seem to have used the entire
disk for my DragonFly installation.

I've read some other comments online saying a reinstall is required. Maybe
this is the case for Unix installations using the entire drive.

Any ideas? Am I forced to reinstall ChromeOS (wiping the drive) and start

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