Loving DragonFly BSD, having a bit of trouble with Firefox and web browsing in general.

Warren Postma warren.postma at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 10:37:51 PST 2014

So is this page basically horribly out of date:


It says in the section "Installing Third-party Software":


"Have a look at the pkgsrc howto for an in-depth description about
dealing with third-party pkgsrc packages."

"Using pkgin"

"For those who are new to the DragonFly way of doing things can also
have the Debian's apt like way of installing, removing and updating
packages. pkgin does things similar to apt-get or aptitude or yum for
that matter."

"First we need to configure pkgin ..."

(end quote)

So that's the old system, and dports is the new one?

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 1:27 PM, John Marino <dragonflybsd at marino.st> wrote:
> On 1/4/2014 19:08, Warren Postma wrote:
>> I notice that FreeBSD appears to have a Chromium package, but Dragonfly
>> BSD does not. Is anybody installing Chromium in Dragonfly BSD? If so, how?
> Chromium doesn't build because devel/ninja doesn't build (which appears
> to be a trivial problem, and a new dependency I unaware of), but
> chromium hs never built anyway.  I got about 90% there to get chromium
> running, but it's not quite done.  It's basically on a to-do list, but
> I'm happy to let somebody else take a crack at it.
>> Also I noticed that out of box DragonFly BSD had some "nightly build" of
>> firefox.  I purged and reinstalled and now I get this when I search for
>> firefox with pkgin:
>> firefox36-....
>> firefox17-...
>> firefox10-..
>> firefox19-...
> "pkgin" ?
> You mean pkgsrc?
> It must be because dports Firefox is:
> Firefox (v26)
> Firefox-esr (v24)
>> Is there a reason for all of these versions of firefox? What do people
>> use?  I've installed them all and none of them run for me.Firefox 36
>> does not place a firefox executable in the path, and
>> /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/firefox binary just says "could not find the
>> mozilla runtime".
> You're asking about a basically unsupported package system.  You don't
> specify which release of DragonFly you are using, but DPorts is the
> system that is getting the attention nowadays.
>> Is there a ritual series of commands i can perform to force a clean
>> delete of all old pieces of firefox and then a fresh reinstall? I tried
>> the usual stuff in the handbook to purge and reinstall.
>> It seems to me that the only version that is buildable from /usr/pkgsrc
>> is 3.6.15, which is,
>> forgive me for saying, a bit old.
> Well, we never were able to control what NetBSD keeps in pkgsrc.  No
> offense taken.
>> What's the best path forward? Is there a fresh Firefox port available?
>> Chromium? Something?
> Honestly, you're best path forward is to switch to dports assuming you
> are on DragonFly 3.4 or later.
> Pkgsrc still works, but it's totally at your own risk.  People are
> putting pkgsrc PRs regarding dragonfly directly at NetBSD.
> John

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