DPorts: GLib bug crashes applications linked with it

srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca
Tue Jan 7 19:33:29 PST 2014


I've just upgraded my DF station from 3.4 to 3.6. In the process, I 
decided to try dport. I compiled it myself, as usual. I need 
LDAP+Kerberos enabled, plus few other things.

Overall, I'm very glad of it. DF 3.6 is running like a charm and I can 
now access some applications that were unavailable in pkgsrc.

I had minor problems with the dports packages. For example, I had to 
compile and install the pkgsrc version of pam_krb5 because the version 
provided in dports does not work properly. VLC2 is also not working for 
me and was replaced by umplayer. Stuff like that.

I have only one significant problem that affects mostly all applications 
using Glib, which includes wxGTK apps, including Seamonkey and LibreOffice.

Every time that I try to open or save a file, a the popup window shows 
itself and works normally. But after a few seconds, the popup freezes 
and the application sends this message before crashing:

«GLib (gthread-posix.c): Unexpected error from C library during 
'pthread_mutex_lock': Resource deadlock avoided.  Aborting.»

Xfce for its part is hardly usable because the panels and Thunar are 
crashing at startup.

It looks like the problem affects any process that tries to read a 
directory or something related. Most of theses applications are totally 
functionnal otherwise.

If anyone had this problem or have a clue of what's causing it, please 
reply to me.

As for the rest, DragonFly really rocks! It got everything in hand to 
take the lead.


Stephane Russell

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