We need an active plan of action to fix libusb version 1.0

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Sun Jan 5 09:07:17 PST 2014

As yet another example of how our in-between libusb is deeply hurting
us, I'm able to completely build the chromium browser after some heavy

Unfortunately, it doesn't link.  It needs the new libusb, and it's
deeply ingrained.  I was unsuccessful at removing all functionality that
needs libusb, thus we still don't have a chromium package.

This is increasingly becoming a problem for us.
We really need to have a working libusb (usb4bsd) established on this
dev branch (3.7).

To progress, we need a complete inventory of what is wrong with libusb
that is preventing it from being turned on as a standard.  Personally, I
don't even know what's wrong with it other than it causes panics.

Then the second step is that we need somebody to volunteer to implement
the identified fixes (and actually do it).

Any volunteers to spearhead finishing off libusb development?


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