Using github for issues/collaboration

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Thu Feb 13 06:48:19 PST 2014

Am 13.02.2014 15:26, schrieb Antonio Huete Jimenez:
 > Hi Michael,
 > Honestly I don't see any compelling reasons in your email for us to
 > switch to Github. But I'd be interested in knowing what are those
 > collaboration barriers you see in Redmine.

Hm, the visual experience on github is IMHO the main aspect for me.  And
it's simplicity. You can use markup language to format the issue.  Also
the integration with the repository, for example, you can just click to
see the related commit that fixes the issue in the github web interface
(we'd still have our own git repository of course!).

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I somehow feel a resistance to
submit a bug report on redmine.

 > We could say that many other projects are sucessfully using Redmine
 > for their issue tracking too.


 > Anyways, I have to agree with someone who's wiser than me in that
 > "Changing bug tracking system is not going to solve the tickets
 > themselves". So from my point of view there are other areas that would
 > need much more love than tracker itself :-)

My point is not just bug reports, but especially feature discussions.
Right now they are mostly lost in mailing lists or in the wiki. For
example, I want to propose some GSoC projects. But the wiki is just not
the right place for it, as it needs further discussion.

Just take a look at the rust issues, it's a good place to see the git
issues system in use:



 > 2014-02-13 14:27 GMT+01:00 Michael Neumann <mneumann at>:
 >> Hi,
 >> What do the developers think about using github for collaboration on 
 >> DragonFly project?
 >> I don't want to step on anyone's foots, but personally I prefer it over
 >> redmine.
 >> For me it lowers the barrier of collaboration and communication
 >> significantly.
 >> For example GSoC projects could be suggested on the issues system 
and people
 >> can comment on it
 >> much more easily as it is right now possible in our Wiki.
 >> I understand that having the issues system under our control has some
 >> advantages. But
 >> github is a very open system, so all data can be easily retrieved by 
an API
 >> (to backup etc).
 >> All I can say is that other open-source projects use it with great 
 >> (for example mozilla/rust),
 >> and I'd like to make it easier for users to submit bug reports or to
 >> collaborate on ideas.
 >> If there is general consensus that this is a good idea, I'd 
volunteer to
 >> migrate the issues from redmine to
 >> a test repository on github, so that people can see how it would 
look like.
 >> I think one functionality that we'd loose
 >> is the ability to answer issues via the bugs at dragonfly mailing list. 
 >> replying to an issue sent via github would
 >> of course work.
 >> Regards,
 >>    Michael

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