Special instructions for when packages are updated within a few days

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Fri Aug 29 13:44:15 PDT 2014

On 8/28/2014 13:26, John Marino wrote:
> Pkg 1.3.6 did something unfortunate regarding shared libraries.  We only
> provided 1.3.6 through source so some of you probably have it.  Dports
> has been recently updated and pkg 1.3.7 is available, but only through
> source builds.  I'm currently rebuilding *ALL* packages on DF 3.8 and
> will follow with DF 3.9
> This is a copy of the message sent by the one of the main developers of pkg:
>> Pkg 1.3.7 is now released. The port is updated. pkg.FreeBSD.org packages
>> are now published with fixed shared libraries.
>> It was found that 'pkg update -f' may be required as well.
>> Here are the updated instructions:
>> - Binary package users should run 'pkg update -f' and 'pkg check -Ba'
>> after upgrading to pkg-1.3.7 and before updating any other packages.
>> This avoids needing to reinstall anything not needed due to changed
>> shared libraries.
>>    For binary package users:
>>     # pkg install ports-mgmt/pkg
>>     # pkg update -f
>>     # pkg check -Ba
>>     # pkg upgrade
> I don't know if these instructions apply after we update the repo (in
> other words, if building pkg 1.3.7 from source and running those
> commands now will be effective or not).
> So I'll post back each time a DF repo is updated.

The 3.8 packages were uploaded a few hours ago, so the above
instructions are in effect now.  I've just started rebuilding all the
3.10 (Dev branch) packages.


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