Special instructions for when packages are updated within a few days

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Thu Aug 28 04:26:28 PDT 2014

Pkg 1.3.6 did something unfortunate regarding shared libraries.  We only
provided 1.3.6 through source so some of you probably have it.  Dports
has been recently updated and pkg 1.3.7 is available, but only through
source builds.  I'm currently rebuilding *ALL* packages on DF 3.8 and
will follow with DF 3.9

This is a copy of the message sent by the one of the main developers of pkg:

> Pkg 1.3.7 is now released. The port is updated. pkg.FreeBSD.org packages
> are now published with fixed shared libraries.
> It was found that 'pkg update -f' may be required as well.
> Here are the updated instructions:
> - Binary package users should run 'pkg update -f' and 'pkg check -Ba'
> after upgrading to pkg-1.3.7 and before updating any other packages.
> This avoids needing to reinstall anything not needed due to changed
> shared libraries.
>    For binary package users:
>     # pkg install ports-mgmt/pkg
>     # pkg update -f
>     # pkg check -Ba
>     # pkg upgrade

I don't know if these instructions apply after we update the repo (in
other words, if building pkg 1.3.7 from source and running those
commands now will be effective or not).

So I'll post back each time a DF repo is updated.


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