Update on recent SMP contention work (2)

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu Oct 24 22:20:40 PDT 2013

    Another veritible ton of SMP performance work has gone into master.

    * The entire [v]fork/exec/exit/wait path has been streamlined and
      essentially no longer have any SMP contention.

    * The pid/process-group/session mechanics have been rewritten and
      essentially no longer have any SMP contention.

    * The entire VM fault path, particularly for initial COWs on binaries
      (to support concurrent exec's) is now able to use shared fine-grained
      locks end-to-end and have no SMP contention.

      As in zero.  Running 8 threads doing fork/exec/wait of an ELF binary
      on one of the Haswell blades went from 10.60 seconds for 80000 total
      execs to 3.8 seconds.  That's a multi-fold 2.7x improvement in

    * tmpfs performance has been radically improved.  It turns out that
      most of the code was fine-grained locked but still had coarse-grained
      per-mount locks wrapped around most of the VNOP operations.  I took
      pass on it and removed most of the coarse-grained locks.

    The previous block of work got rid of 90% of the contention on the
    smaller systems (the 4-core/8-thread blades), but were lacking on the
    bigger system (monster's 48-core opteron).

    This most recent set of work has gotten rid of 98% of the contention
    on the smaller systems and probably 90%+ of the contention on monster.

    The only system paths which still have noticable contention are the
    filesystem write paths.


    Bulk package builds (dports) on monster are under test now, no results
    yet but the last week or two has brought the full build for 20,000+
    packages, from scratch, down to around 15-hours.   The current tests
    should be able to beat that.

    As with prior work, there may be some instability.  I will continue to
    work through what bugs show up and exercise various subsystems such as
    swapcache and paging under heavy loads to locate and fix whatever
    problems show up.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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