DF as KVM Guest & Clock Skew - any experiences?

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.com
Mon Oct 21 19:36:36 PDT 2013

Hello -

Trying to run a 64bit DF guest on F18, am getting
some odd clock jitter both with and without dntpd
running from the guest, and needless to say, 'make'
doesn't like this.

I seem to recall having similar issues with DF-on-DF
QEMU on dragonfly, and my 'fix' was to noodle with
the emulated time source on QEMU, falling back to a low
resolution clock source (e.g. RTC instead of HPET)
that the emulator could more deterministically provide,
allowing clock calibration to be less sensitive,
and the system to run without much significant clock

However, I'm not seeing any clear signs that
the libvirt/KVM stuff allows this level of noodling,
though I admittedly haven't done an exhaustive search.

Anyone have any experiences / fixes here?


- Chris

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