booting stopped at malloc disk

Pierre Abbat phma at
Sat May 11 19:58:00 PDT 2013

On Saturday, May 11, 2013 21:25:06 Pierre Abbat wrote:
> The computer is ignoring the keyboard; when I hit the keys to switch the KVM
> to another computer, it takes a minute to do so. If I reboot in single-user
> mode (which I've done before successfully), it still stops at malloc disk.
> The only thing I've changed in loader conf is to load the module for
> cryptdisks.

Further checking: Neither DFly box has an initrd. Both loader.conf files have 
the line "dm_target_crypt_load=YES". I added "dm_load=YES" to loader.conf and 
rebooted; it still stops at malloc disk.

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