debugging threads

Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon Dec 16 23:04:34 PST 2013

I installed dejagnu and made gdb and ran the testsuite. A while later I came 
back and saw "Timeout, server zyxomma not responding." I sshed into it again 
and ran the testsuite again. A while later I heard a beep. I saw this:

Running ./gdb.base/fileio.exp ...
FAIL: gdb.base/fileio.exp: Open for write but no write permission returns 
FAIL: gdb.base/fileio.exp: Unlinking a file in a directory w/o write access 
returns EACCES
Running ./gdb.base/gcore-relro.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/huge.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/find.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/ctxobj.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/cond-eval-mode.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/arrayidx.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/eval-skip.exp ...
Running ./gdb.base/attach.exp ...
Timeout, server zyxomma not responding.
phma at caracal:$

The tests rebooted the computer in the same place both times. The only logfile 
is gdb.base1/gdb.log; it got as far as trying to attach to process 3991x.

Zyxomma is here with me now, but in a few days I'm going to take it to the 
landlady's, where it'll be back to its usual function of being a router. I'm 
not going to risk disrupting her internet connection by making the router 
reboot itself. Sometime next month, hopefully, I'm going to take it, along 
with leopard and possibly darner, to a friend whom I can show at least how to 
log in and do a few things. Then I can resume trying to make gdb threads work.

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