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Mon Dec 16 18:16:38 PST 2013

Looking at the pkg commands, it only lists commands for software that is
installed.  In any case, if you follow the link, the file isn't there.  I
assume that URL comes from you /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf.

I think you mention in the other email that you're running pkg 1.1.  You
may find this useful, though I don't know if it is the specific answer to
your problem:

On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 11:23 PM, Pierre Abbat <phma at> wrote:

> On Sunday, September 22, 2013 08:37:15 John Marino wrote:
> > Yes it is fixable:
> > 1) Using dports, install devel/gdb, which is gdb 7.6
> >
> > 2) Follow these instructions to run the testsuite on DragonFly, which
> > takes a few hours actually:
> >
> >
> > 3) Patch gdb to resolve failures, starting with the thread failures.
> >
> > 4) Feed the patches back to me so we can put them both in ports and
> > update the gdb in base.
> As I now have a working dports installation (and KDE runs MUCH faster than
> it
> did in pkgsrc), I'm going to try to do this. First I ran "pkg add dejagnu"
> and
> it asked me if I meant "pkg install dejagnu". So I did that. I got a bunch
> of
> messages ending with
> pkg: Skipping malformed dependency docbook-xml
> pkg: Skipping malformed dependency docbook
> pkg: package misc/kenny is built for dragonfly:3.8:* arch, and local arch
> is
> dragonfly:3.8:x86:64
> Incremental update completed, 0 packages processed:
> 20856 packages updated, 31 removed and 44 added.
> pkg: No digest falling back on legacy catalog format
> pkg: http://mirror-
> Not
> Found
> Thinking that maybe the DNS is broken, I do this:
> # host
> host: not found
> "pkg search host" returns packages with "host" in their name, which isn't
> what
> I want. How do I find which package contains the host command?
> I replaced (leopard's address when it's behind zyxomma) with
> leopard's IPv6 address in /etc/resolv.conf and verify on caracal that
> querying
> leopard on IPv6 works; I still can't get the txz file. The other address in
> resolv.conf is apparently the nameserver on the satellite modem. IPv4 is
> working properly, so that should work.
> Pierre
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