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Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon Dec 9 06:14:35 PST 2013

On Monday, December 09, 2013 14:16:41 Roby Sadeli wrote:
> Sorry for not being clear enough.
> I am ssh'ing (and I have tried doing the same from console with the same
> result). The 2nd screenshot is the result I am getting from a tmux session (
> Changing the terminal how? You mean change shell? I have tried using bash
> from tcsh with the same result too.
> How do I change terminal settings? Could anyone give me some pointers?
> Change /etc/ttys? What to change?

There's the terminal setting in your environment (echo $TERM - I get "xterm" 
when sshing in from KDE on Linux) and there's the setting of your terminal 
program (in Konsole, do "Settings | Manage Profiles"). Also the LANG and 
related environment variables may affect it; mine is en_US.UTF-8 in Linux and 
empty in DragonFly.

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