pkg is trying to update itself to the wrong version

Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon Dec 16 12:34:27 PST 2013

I have pkg 1.1.4 and I tried to install dejagnu (to work on the gdb thread 
problem, see my other post). It said "New version of pkg detected; it needs to 
be installed first." So it tries to upgrade to 1.2.1 and fails to download the 
package. I checked the website repository; the pkg package is version 1.2.3. I 
downloaded packagesite.txz, uncompressed it, and found this line:

generation package 
manager","arch":"dragonfly:3.8:x86:64","maintainer":"portmgr at","prefix":"/usr/local","www":"","path":"All/pkg-1.2.3.txz","sum":"9f6d7b27ba808b3c1249e37a380e8c496f0750fe2218f768e08990e47ea18ca4","licenselogic":"single","licenses":
["BSD"],"flatsize":8248070,"pkgsize":1947128,"desc":"New Generation package 
management tool for FreeBSD\n\nWWW:","categories":["ports-mgmt"],"shlibs_required":
[""],"message":"If you are upgrading from the old package format, 
first run:\n\n  # pkg2ng"}

I ran pkg2ng, pkg update, and pkg install pkg. It still tries to upgrade to 
1.2.1. There's a file /var/db/pkg/repo-packagesite.sqlite, but I don't know how 
to read it. How do I fix this?

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