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> You could use ALTQ fairq w/ PF, which is similar to dummynet's WF2Q
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Hum... but I need to do a hard limiting to all my customers. They have a
unique IP address, so I can decide about the bandwidth (here, we are about
to implement RADIUS to do auth too). The ideia here is to

1. limit external in/out traffic
2. do QoS over this limited traffic

I have an average of 600 clients at the same time, so I think that FAIRQ
could be a good thing but not to hard limiting every IP.

If I offer three kinds of bandwidth to my customers, may I define three
subclasses in FAIRQ and let the traffic of the right kinds go through the
right queues? I think it does not work: if someone is hogging that queue,
what the others will end up with?

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