network routing malfunction

Pierre Abbat phma at
Wed May 23 09:25:06 PDT 2012

On Wednesday 23 May 2012 10:08:48 Nuno Antunes wrote:
> Are you saying that ping was working even if you didn't see the
> packets going through chausie?
> Which route is darner using to reach sco? Did it change before and
> after the traceroute?

The default route is through linksys, the route to sco is through chausie, but 
when I type "route show", I get lots of routes for active 
connections. "route" on Linux just shows the routing table.

There is a computer nearby that responds to sco's address when I ping it and 
the VPN is down. The VPN is 192.168.100, and 100 appears to be a commonly 
used network, as the cable modem answers 100.1 when its WAN side is 
disconnected. However, traceroute showed packets going through chausie. I 
think that the act of showing the route caused it to work properly.

There is a Windows box on the network; the tcpdump showed NetBIOS packets 
going to sco and being rejected. sco runs Samba, and the Windows box needs to 
read from it at certain steps of drawing.

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