network routing malfunction

Nuno Antunes nuno.antunes at
Wed May 23 07:08:48 PDT 2012

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 3:32 PM, Pierre Abbat <phma at> wrote:
> I have a VPN; sometimes it doesn't work properly.
> chausie is the Linux box, which runs the VPN; it has eth0 and ppp0. darner is
> the DragonFly box; it has em0. linksys is a router; chausie's eth0 and
> darner's em0 are connected to the LAN side. sco is behind NAT on the other
> end of the VPN.
> I woke up and finished a drawing and had to copy it to sco. My telnet session
> to sco had broken during the night. (sco doesn't have ssh; I telnet over the
> VPN.) I checked the VPN and found it had dropped, so I restarted it. I tried
> telnetting and failed. I tried pinging and succeeded, but running tcpdump on
> chausie showed that packets were not going through chausie. I ran "route
> show" and "traceroute sco" on darner and then packets started going through
> chausie and I logged in to sco. How come?

Are you saying that ping was working even if you didn't see the
packets going through chausie?

Which route is darner using to reach sco? Did it change before and
after the traceroute?

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