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HI William. I am the author of the how to move vmware disks to virtualbox disks.  By the way that is a rough draft and sort of a recollection of my problems with transfering a vmware setup to virtualbox. I am not exactly sure what it is that you want to do?  I have installed without problem the latest snapshot of dragonfly bsd on both kvm and virtualbox 4.04.  I switched to virtualbox from kvm because I am using a laptop and not a server.  If you are using a desktop/server than setting up dragonfly bsd in kvm on linux is not too much of a problem.  It will take your whole afternoon because you will have to learn the ins and outs of kvm, but once installed it performs pretty well.  Though I could say the same about virtualbox 4.04.  My only complaint is the i/o on virtualbox.  It is quite noticeable when running bmake search key=“name of programme“ after syncing the pkgs with git. I myself am working on setting up a virtual appliance with dragonfly bsd that will be used to be put in front of software like ms exchange and lotus notes servers.  I will also work on setting up a web proxy using nginx as a dragonfly virtual appliance.  If I can be of any help to you and others than ask away and I will reply to the best of my ability.  I might not be able to answer as quick as a service desk at a closed source company.  I work during the day as a sap basis admin and have a family to boot.  But I will help as best I can. Cheers.Wolf Johnson From: users-errors at [mailto:users-errors at] On Behalf Of * WilliamSent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 2:52 PMTo: users at crater.dragonflybsd.orgSubject: virtualbox & "greetings" G'day dragonfly folk.Hi -- Hope everyone is well.  I have a simple query, though in practice simple questions aren't always the best method to get simple 'instructions' for producing a good solution.  I just joined the list and I 'just' only found about 'Dragonfly' (BSD).  I like what i've read and as far as I can tell it parralls what 'I know that I what' in a platform. I put a few notes about me below -- Simply to save time; so that replies don't need to explain what is an operating system, etc.  So I want to introduce myself to Dragonfly and get the feel of it, is it what I 'assume'.About me.  I have worked with all kinds of different operating systems from the lame to the exotic.  And languages from Fortran to Ruby and Erlang (well I'm only learning erlang - Nope. I don't like Haskel or Lisp).  I've got a background in computer science and software engineering and masters degrees in business and marketing -- Because  ... I want technology FREE of the 'Dilber box' where great *stuff* doesn't win when pointy-hair wants to appear smart.  I can't say I have any solutions, I feel that I at least have a handle on the scope of that situation. My key interest is facilitating 'sensemaking structure', 'sensemaking tools' and 'sensemaking'.  Technically: I can hack code less good-er than you can.  Professionally I'm a transaction processing and business processes (BPM) person.  I feel that the Dragonfly's descriptions and reviews I've met are a best match most of my 'wants', if not all my 'needs' (I've worked on more than 10 non-*Nix, a relevant comment).  I found getting any access to Dragonfly 'conversations' difficult.  So my second question, is do you have a google or yahoo group for general conversation?  If you want adopters -- May be you should do that?  I looked at the website post: 'How to Move vmware Disk' and couldn't use the information.  What ever comes up with the ISO image; is missing some basic shell set-up because it FAULT-s duiring start-up.  (My next mail tomorrow is to VirtualBox to provide some meta-logging facility on the main window).For me - I'm looking for a ready-to go virtualbox image or a way to boot from the ISO download and install Dragonfly to a VMI virtual disk?  Where do I begin?   If that's not hapening: Is there a way to make a bootable or (better yet) a virtuallybootable vmware  thumbdrive for Dragonfly?  Looking forward to getting 'air-borne'!aloha,          \_w_/ ___________________________________    º    º

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