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Hi William,
I think you might be going about this the wrong way.  What I think you want to do is install dragonfly bsd in virtualbox.  If so than it is a relatively simple operation.  You can download the stable iso from dragonfly bsd from and click on either current i386 or x86_64 CD link.  You will download a bunziped iso image.  You will need to uncompress the image with software for windows xp which
 supports bunzip.  It should not be to hard to google for it.  You will than use the iso image as your install image from within virtualbox.  When selecting the cdrom during the set up of your virtualbox guest (use freebsd for operating system sinc dragonfly
 bsd is not an option) you can choose to use a iso image.  Your computer will boot up and the install process will begin.  You will need to use if this is your first time installing dragonfly bsd  I am guessing from what you say that you want to have a dragonfly bsd system running in virtualbox. 


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Hi Úlfar,

Thanks for making contact.  My objective is simply to execute the Dragonfly o/s on virtualbox.  I've installed v4.0.04 (latest that I can see).  I've defined a vm with an blank virtual-disk and pointed to the live-CD ISO image for:

My first objective was to boot from the .ISO image and 'install' to the new virtual disk.

I can't download the OVF file on:

For whatever reason the link won't work for me.  I don't have a vmware image and I'm not especially interested in vmware, it was just a means to an end.

I want a BSD like o/s that understands event driven software and logical clustering.  I only have windows/xp SP3 (also just a laptop).    I have a nice external hard-drive so disk is no longer a problem (my memor is limited and I'm saving pennies for 64-bits.

Virtual box says "make sure kernal" loaded when I try to start.  I don't know if thats a virtual box error or a dragonfly failure to boot.  If it was 'my' virtual box project, it would let me do bios stuff to see what goes wrong!  :-)

Anyway I reckon a core-Dragonfly-bsd image for 'any' virtual machine would be a boon to mankind!   I'm following a thread to set-up node.js as a virtual appliance on ... (core)

And next is to get a jvm and node.js on Dragonfly.  Maybe glassfish.  Or something 'better' :-)  

I would be very interested in your bare-appliance.  For this time.   My main thing is to 'see' dragonfly working and 'feel' it, etc.

Thanks, hope your week is going well.


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HI William.
I am the author of the how to move vmware disks to virtualbox disks.  By the way that is a rough draft and sort of a recollection of my problems with transfering a vmware setup to virtualbox.
I am not exactly sure what it is that you want to do?  I have installed without problem the latest snapshot of dragonfly bsd on both kvm and virtualbox 4.04.  I switched to virtualbox from kvm
 because I am using a laptop and not a server.  If you are using a desktop/server 

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