USB image

Chris Turner c.turner at
Thu Sep 30 00:03:47 PDT 2010

Tron wrote:
USB.  (It is an old 700MHz Celeron with a BIOS that cannot be upgraded 
or easily patched because the mobo is oem ie: unknown...)
you should be able to boot from cd, no?

this machine is *far* faster than my old trusty 'bigred' -
a spray-painted 266mhz amd k6-II
haven't booted that guy in a while - but he was alive & kicking
in the 1.10 days..
or are you trying for the 'big package' image? can't remember the sizes
off hand..

another option is to use the built-in network installer
if the bios supports network booting & has a nic
basically, plug 2 machines into a LAN (if you have a hub or can borrow 
one), boot up one & select it to be a network installer,

and boot up the other one from the network

side note - don't try hammer on a small drive - iirc 40G is
the bare minimum for a light-workstation kind of setup?
(remember you need to have space for file history as well as the files)

no idea how this all works with the 'big package' version -
perhaps others can comment..

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