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Tron tron at
Wed Sep 29 23:00:35 PDT 2010

 Thank you Justin and you are right - your link does look interesting.  
Just prior to receiving your post, I found something similar myself:

but after reading the cite you suggested would guess that yours is 
probably more capable.

I would love to test this out myself, but not being familiar with DF I 
probably would not get far beyond the initial command prompt (as was so 
cleverly commented on by others) so it would seem a more experienced 
tester would be better.  To further complicate matters, the test box I 
was thinking of using for DF experimentation apparently cannot boot from 
USB.  (It is an old 700MHz Celeron with a BIOS that cannot be upgraded 
or easily patched because the mobo is oem ie: unknown...)  Therefore, my 
options seem to be either to dig up a more modern piece of junk and 
spend some money on bringing it to life or give up on trying to start 
with DF with a ready GUI and try yet another time to make it through the 
DF handbook without being sidetracked by life...

On 9/29/2010 9:10 PM, Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
On Wed, September 29, 2010 11:42 pm, Tomas Bodzar wrote:

When someone wants to go deeply in some area then there is only one
way - a lot of years of learning and experience. It does not change
just because we have Internet and PR materials from stupid vendors
talks lies. OS is very complex system - take it from the other side -
flying is so easy (at least for birds); why do I need to learn that
complicated stuff about mathematics, physic, meteorology and so on;
why there is not one-click-button-to-fly airplane? How about space
travelling? How about submarines? How about cars? Are you able to
create your own on same level of quality as from those companies? No?
Guess why - because you lack info and experience in that area as it's
not so easy and not because someone wants to be rude against you.
The best answer when someone says "This doesn't work for me" isn't "You
don't know enough" but rather "Here, let me show you how."
To answer the original question, I haven't seen a USB drive solution that
didn't involve some other steps - many of them require a Windows user to
boot from a live CD image to use dd or equivalent to write to the USB
drive, or rarely have a specialized program to write it out (Mandriva).
I've heard of Linux installers that were able to understand a fat32 USB
drive if files were set up a particular way, but it didn't seem to be
easier overall.
This looks interesting:

Would it work with a DragonFly image?  Please, someone try this.

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