Memory usage increased

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat May 8 11:12:15 PDT 2010

:	I'm running v2.7.2.3.g01603-DEVELOPMENT on a box which I've just
:upgraded from an AMD64 3200+ single core with 1.5GB of RAM to a Phenom II
:955 quad core with 4GB of RAM. The usage pattern hasn't changed. Prior to
:the upgrade the box was using around 250 megs of swap and apparently needed
:it because it would be swapping in and out. After the upgrade (and
:modifying the kernel for SMP support and adjusting the ethernet and audio
:devices) the box is showing around 1.5GB active, 1GB inactive and about
:600MB between wired, cache and buf. The active and inactive alone would
:have been enough to run me out of swap on the old box.
:	How can I find out what is using all the memory, and whether or not
:anything is astray ?
:Steve O'Hara-Smith                          |   Directable Mirror Arrays

    If the box was using 250MB of swap before and ... well how much
    swap is it using now?  Zero?  Then it is using less memory now.
    Or, more precisely, it is no longer gratuitously paging stuff out to
    swap like it did in 2.5.


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