[PATCH] tmpfs-update 021010 (was: tmpfs work update 013010)

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Fri Feb 12 13:26:22 PST 2010

:Unfortunately, this patch is not stable with current master head. Let
:me explain first.
:I was issuing fsstress command (ex fsstress -p 100 -n 100 -d XXX )
:then I was trying to
:solve filesystem crash issue. But the situation got unexpected from
:two days ago.
:>From two days ago and now, it starts showing unexpected filesystem
:issue is happening
:(and it is why I would post this even if this is not stable). I need
:suggestions, clues or any
:advice to move forward.
:What I can observe is:
:1) mount /usr/src /usr/obj as tmpfs
:2) untar src-sys.tgz (from release 2.4.1 image)
:3) run 'make nativekernel'
:4) build stopped somewhere with compile error
:5) but the file seems correct to me.
:6) re-run 'make nativekernel'
:7) failed again with 'not found' error
:8) now tmpfs on /usr/src and /usr/obj disappears
:    they are told as / (root) mounted filesystems. very strange
:I'm guessing some 'swapcache' related change might cause this issue.
:Am I missing something
:very important code change ?
:Any suggestions are welcome, always.
:thank you,

    Nothing major changed but because tmpfs uses the SWAP strategy
    code there could certainly be some issues, such as swapcache-related
    code removing swap assignments when it shouldn't.

    I think its well enough developed that I should go ahead and commit
    what you have so far, and then I'll take an hour or two and run
    through FSX and fix whatever low-hanging fruit I can find.  We'll
    see where we stand at the end of the day.  My take is that whatever
    bugs are in there are going to be minor and pretty easy to fix.


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