[PATCH] tmpfs-update 021010 (was: tmpfs work update 013010)

Naoya Sugioka naoya.sugioka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 01:46:21 PST 2010

Hello community and Matt,

Here is a forth post of my patch to port tmpfs into DragonFly.
I made some changes as Matt suggested now I'm using nvxextend and other new API
and we don't need  to call bread from tmpfs_write() everything looks
like a magic. wow.

Unfortunately, this patch is not stable with current master head. Let
me explain first.
I was issuing fsstress command (ex fsstress -p 100 -n 100 -d XXX )
then I was trying to
solve filesystem crash issue. But the situation got unexpected from
two days ago.

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