bsd broadcom netxtreme 57xx compatibility

Niklas Rosencrantz niklasro at
Tue Sep 8 22:28:40 PDT 2009

2009/9/9 Chris Turner <c.turner at>:
> Niklas Rosencrantz wrote:
>> and this computer, 2nd in a small network where ifconfig outputs
>> bge0: flags=....<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
>> ether [ip6 address]
>> media:Ethernet autoselect (100baseT <full-duplex>)
>> status:active
>> After /sbin/dhclient bge0 it gets no link...sleeping and active turns
>> to status: no carrier
> I had some similar problems with a now-defunct laptop with a bge(4) -
> (acer F1000) - IIRC, I had to ifconfig it to ' up' before dhclient
> would work - something to do with the link detection not working properly if
> an address wasn't assigned..
> e.g:
> # ifconfig bge0 up
> # dhclient bge0
> would work..
> you might try this, and if it still doesn't work, verify the
> card is okay via a manually assigned address..
> my apologies for not submitting a bug at the time :)
> Thanks,
> - Chris
Really succeded this time perfectly even up2 worldwidewindowmanager.
Case classique closed s'il vous plait, after physical reconnection
bypassed network switch straight ethernet no local network, very
unscientific, just worked and ping returns which speculatively might
ISP caused cutting and countdowning R&D from max 4 downto 3 allowed.
Will look further, many thanks for usable info beyond the scope and so
learn more general basic admin tasks always good for 2 newbie
dragonflies here.
best with thanks to all bsd team and community for
fun,utility,pleasure,supportive support and never giving in what we
always knew would work and if nothing else just encouragement

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