Various laptop questions

Niklas Rosencrantz niklasro at
Wed Sep 9 15:23:34 PDT 2009

Dear guys,
No blocker this time distinct from last solvable, just aiming to
functionalize as many dfly configs doable. 2 laptop setups work well
with dell 830 and cpx laptops. Technically what I want to achieve is
python config, X setup on d830 where dvdliveboot can run X but not
boot from harddrive, boot config to always choose alt 2 (no ACPI)
Latest info how to get hw info was very useful. Now all basic
functions are very well with some config, still some minor alternative
configs fail eg via a switch (powerconnect 2716) one laptop's bge0
connection, which connects bypassing the switch, won't get on while
laptop2 with dc0 does.

And less technical, more licence question whether I may and am
encouraged to spread DragonFly via a thing such as bittorrent. If
"yes" any recommendations?

Nick Rosencrantz

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