Installation on Yet Another Netbook

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Thu Jan 15 05:06:07 PST 2009

Michael Neumann wrote:
Am 15.01.2009 03:01, schrieb Simon 'corecode' Schubert:
 > Christopher Rawnsley wrote:
 >> So now to the present day. I have re-synced with the git repo and this
 >> time I tried a 'make img release' and dd the resultant image to my USB
 >> flash drive. I tried to boot the image but all I got back from it was
 >> that there was no operating system ( one of the messages at the
 >> beginning of the image when I viewed the data in a hex editor ).
 >> Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for being patient
 >> with me :-)
 > Try using packet mode on the image:
 > boot0cfg -B -o packet /dev/sd0
It is safe to add that to the nrelease Makefile (of course working on 
the vnode device instead of sd0)?
I think we should default to packet mode, like I said numerous times before.


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