Installation on Yet Another Netbook

Christopher Rawnsley rawprawns at
Thu Jan 15 03:52:11 PST 2009

On 15 Jan 2009, at 01:22, Christopher Rawnsley wrote:
... I tried a 'make img release' ...
Just in case any one else falls in to this trap, Michael Neumann  
pointed out that it should be 'make img installer release' for the  

I managed a manual install for now. I thought I'd run the disc layout  
past the lists as I would like to see what the consensus is:
  * My netbook has two flash drives internal to it. One is a ( fast )  
3.8GB and the other is a ( slower ) 7.7GB.
  * From what I have read, swap partitions on flash drives is bad  
news as it reduces the life of the disc.
  * Space is limited so I am thinking that having fewer partitions is  
a good idea.

Using a pseudo disklabel structure my drive layout looks like:

# Drive     Mount   Offset  Size           FS Type
 ad2s1a         /        0     *   UFS
 ad3s1g     /home        0     *   UFS+Softupdates
where ad2 is the smaller but faster drive and ad3 the slower but  
bigger one.

So my question is, could this drive structure be better?


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