HEADS UP - devfs integration update. iscsi now alpha.

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sat Aug 8 10:45:50 PDT 2009

    DEVFS has gone through a bunch of debug and fix passes since the
    initial integration and is now ready for even wider testing on master.

    * Now works properly with X.

    * Now works properly with mono and other applications.

    * Now probes disklabels in GPT slices, and properly probes GPT slice 0.

    * Misc namespace issues fixed on reprobe (there were problems with
      iscsi and VN).

    * Auto-reprobe is now synchronous from the point of view of fdisk, gpt,
      and disklabel, or any program that is setting up slices and partitions.
      (there were races against the creation of the actual sub-devices in
      /dev before that are now fixed).

    * mount-by-serialnumber is possible via /dev/serno/.  Example fstab:

	  serno/L41JAB0G.s1d	/	hammer rw	1 	1

      And example vfs.root.mountfrom line in /boot/loader.conf:


    * /etc/devtab integration is complete but not yet documented.  An example
      /etc/devtab entry would be something like:

	  driveA          serno   L41JAB0G

      And in /etc/fstab:

	  driveA.s1d		/	hammer  rw	1       1

    devfs will be fully operational for the release.

    Vinum is still non-operational.


    iscsi via the iscsi-initiator.ko kernel module and the /sbin/iscontrol
    program is now in an alpha-test state.  It works, but it isn't pretty.
    There is a pkgsrc package for userland target implementation called
    /usr/pkgsrc/devel/netbsd-iscsi-target.  Iscsi is definitely in an
    alpha state.

    iscsi support will be generally working for the release but we are
    unlikely to have root support for it by the release.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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